Old Trafford empyting out?

Is Manchester United about to lose several key players by next year’s summer transfer window?

Rumor has it there are quite a few unhappy players at Manchester United these days. Donny Van De Beek has barely been on the pitch since he was brought in over the summer and players are backing him. Who can blame Donny if he wants to leave next year if he will never be given a chance to play at United? I think it’s a disgrace not playing VDB considering the state of our midfield these days.

But the likes of Pogba, Ronaldo, Dean Henderson, Martial and Jesse Lingard might be set to pack up their bags soon as well. Pogba is in his last year of contract as well as Ronaldo. Looking at how the club is being run, who could blame them for looking for greener pastures? Sometimes (and in the case of United), the grass can be greener on the other side.

Henderson, Martial and Lingard haven’t gotten much playing time either this season and will want to move on as well. I have barely seen Martial this season so far; a real shame, being a player I personally highly rate and think could do great things for us. Jesse had a great loan spell at West Ham last season but hasn’t seen much action since then. I wouldn’t mind keeping him at the club as a back up to Jadon Sancho.

Phil Jones is also looking set to move on soon. Fortunately, a player I am not going to miss at the club. He is so injury prone, I think he could break his legs just by getting out of bed in the morning. Last time I remember seeing any of him, he didn’t exactly give us a convincing performance. I still can’t believe United gave him a new contract a while back; should have never been done!

Either way, we might be looking at a chaotic transfer window next summer, unless something changes at this club. The players know what’s going on and are not impressed. Neither are the fans.