Ronaldo Fed Up?

What must be going through the mind of Cristiano Ronaldo these days?

It definetely isn’t the team Ronaldo thought he was joining. To some degree, I was surprised when he signed for us in the first place. Surely, he has been following United since he left and has been aware of the situation at the club since Sir Alex left.

Reports from the media are suggesting he is not happy with the situation and demands changes. Who could blame him? CR7 is a winner and expects nothing less from his team mates and the club. How disappointed he must be at this point, along with the fans as well. But what is he expecting at this point?

As long as the Glazers are in charge, I have my doubts much will change. Even if we get a new manager, how much is going to change at this point? We have been through this before; Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the fourth manager at the club since Sir Alex left. The owners get somebody new in, there is a boost in performance for a while until we fall flat on our faces down the road. As long as the Glazers are in charge, we will never be a championship winning team again! All they care about is the money; they run this club as a business and that will never change with these idiots in charge. The club is ruined from top to bottom and changing manager every few years is not going to turn United back into the team and the club it is supposed to be.

But back to OGS. He should have been fired after the shit show that was the Liverpool game. No other club would still be keeping him on at the club. Is there something else going on behind the scences? Was watching the United Stand recently and they were speculating whether there is something else going on at the club? Otherwise, why haven’t they gotten a new manager in place by this point? Other managers in the past have been fired for less than this. Loius van Gaal won the FA Cup and still lost his job at the end of the season. Are the Glazers looking to sell and let somebody else take care of the mess at the club? Or do they have OGS so far up their ass they would never get rid of him?

Don’t misunderstand, I am a big fan of Solskjaer, he is one of the reasons I started supporting the club in the first place back in the ’90s. I loved him as a player and a human being. I hate to say it, but he doesn’t have the skills needed to carry this club forward. Both he and the whole coacing team gotta go!